Appleby Optical Wizard, Step 2:


Do you need several pairs for different tasks? The 3 For 1 package can easily work as a distance pair, a reading pair, and a computer vision pair for intermediate working distance. Or maybe safety glasses, or…


We all need sunglasses, and in the summer and winter prescription sunglasses for driving are a must. Therefore we always suggest you to have one of your 3 pairs done up as sunglasses. We carry many sunglasses styles that’s guaranteed to have something for everyone, and each pair is tinted on location to your exact specification of color, intensity, and visual needs.


Do you wear contacts as well? It’s always a good idea to have both glasses and contacts, to give your eyes a rest and have a backup. Substitute one of your pairs for 6 months supply of contact lenses, or substitute two pairs for a whole year’s supply.


Just like how we change outfits everyday, a change of glasses is a great fashion statement too. Get your favorite frame in different colors to color-coordinate, or get diverse styles to express your personality.

And last but not least…


Maybe you are not the only one in your family who wears glasses? You can share your 3 for 1 package with anyone you’d like. If any of the above applies to anyone in your family, don’t hesitate and come see us!

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