Buying Online? FAQ

A Few Words About Buying Glasses Online


Have you tried to buy glasses online? The price is good, the policy sounds better. But you may have some concerns, so here are just a few points to give you a better understanding of buying online.


  1. Do you have vision insurance coverage?

All insurance companies with vision coverage require an optician and an optometrist to dispense the eyewear. Online retailers do not have them, and your claim can be denied on this basis. If you have coverage, use it with fully licensed professionals so you can get your reimbursement.


  1. Your Vision

EYE BIOYour prescription is written by a licensed optometrist, and both online and local opticals must follow the prescription exactly. However, it is important to have a trusted professional to fill out your prescription. Online retailers require you to take many measurements yourself, which if taken incorrectly, can result in distortions in your field of vision. This is especially important for high or complex prescriptions, such as bifocals. Many aspects such as optical center, lens curvature, and frame shape can influence your visual acuity. Having an optician walk you through the process will make it much easier and worry-free, without Buyer’s Remorse.


  1. Size (And Fit) Matters

If you’ve ever bought clothing online, you may find that when you received it, the size and color were not what you thought they would be. As such, many online shoppers’ closets are filled with items they would rather not wear. This is perhaps even more important when it comes to glasses. Visually it is always impossible to tell how a frame will work with your face shape and personal style unless you try it on. But a pair of poorly fitting glasses has more problems than fashion-wise alone.


An improper fit can cause the wearer headaches if they irritate certain sensitive spots, the glasses may slip down your nose, leave sore spots on the side of your head or behind your ears, or sit unevenly on your face.


Even worse, if your prescription is high or complex, a bad choice of frames may result in important viewing areas affected. This happens especially with progressive lenses, where a few millimeters less depth can cause the entire reading area to be cut off.


  1. How serious you are about your eyes?

If lower cost is more important than well-fitted glasses, online glasses purchase is your first choice. But continued use of glasses with poor optical quality and fitting may cause problems that are not obvious at first. It can affect one’s vision negatively and cause undue eyestrain, leading to many possible serious conditions. The symptoms may be similar to the adaptation that everyone experiences upon receiving a new prescription. Only a professional can check your glasses using proper equipment and federal guidelines, and ensure that they are not made in an improper or even harmful way.


Furthermore, glasses purchased online are often regarded as “toys”, due to their low cost and lack of professional care, leading people to take on a relaxed attitude concerning their eye health. Nothing can replace regular check-ups and communication with your eye-care professional.


  1. Maintenance

fixing eyeglassesAll eyeglasses, if regularly worn, will need some level of maintenance or repair done to it during its lifespan, whether through wear and tear, or the drastic change in temperature throughout the seasons in Canada, or accidents that happen without warning. It is recommended that you visit your optician for regular adjustments on your glasses from time to time. When you buy glasses locally, you also get the service on them. When purchased online, it is almost impossible to have someone to solve your problems.


  1. Contact Lenses

To be fair, there is no much difference between contacts purchased online and locally, if you know what to order. If you’ve had problems with your contact lenses, it will be helpful to consult your local optician to figure out the best contacts for your eyes. If you are new to contacts, it will be important to learn the proper use and care for them from your local opticians.

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